Google Chrome (64-bit)

A 64-Bit version of the most popular web browser in the world

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Chrome 64-bit is a version of the popular Google Chrome web browser designed to take advantage of 64-bit environments.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on the market. It’s free to use and the main competitor to Mozilla Firefox and Internet Edge/Explorer. The 64-bit version requires a 64-bit OS, and there are three primary benefits to the 64-bit package: speed, security, and stability. Compared to Chrome 32-bit, 64-bit is faster, experiences less crashes, and takes advantage of new OS features.

Beyond these improvements, Chrome 64-bit is quite similar to other Chrome versions. Chrome is much more than just a web browsing engine but an operating system onto itself. That’s a big reason why Google is able to achieve such superb performance and compatibility. It runs all types of webpages and web services, including sophisticated Internet-based games. It also supports most major technologies and standards, including HTML5 and Flash.

Perhaps the greatest secret to Chrome’s success is that it’s easy to use. It’s very hands-off for casual users, and its Omnibox textbox lets you enter just about anything. Chrome will react to your input based on context, such as redirecting to a URL or executing a search. It features a modern tabbed interface, and creating and moving tabs around is simple and intuitive.

Another aspect that makes Google Chrome 64-bit stand out is the level of personalization it provides. Consider that entire other web browsers have been based on the Chrome engine, and Chrome provides you that same level of control. The control panel gives you access to an expansive selection of settings. You can also control the aesthetics of Chrome through themes and add functionality to it via extensions. Themes and extensions are available through the community or you can create them yourself.

Chrome 64-bit provides a synchronized experience as well. Use Google as your cloud or another service, or you can carry a personal cloud on a USB flash drive or the like for greater security. Automatically sync your data between desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. These sync tools work great with Android, but they’re quite open and work with iOS and Windows too.

Your privacy is valued too. There’s an easy-to-use Incognito mode. In this mode, you don’t leave a trail, and webpages have access to far less information. Even in standard surfing mode, clearing your browsing data is a one-click affair. You can even set Chrome to automatically clear that data each time you close the program.

The Chrome engine is very standard-based and strict. The idea is that if everyone adheres to these standards, a webpage designed once looks great in all applications. This is an ideal and not a reality. Standards get interpreted different ways or ignored altogether when they’re cumbersome. Strictness works against Chrome sometimes, particularly when a page breaks with standards to achieve an effect. This isn’t a big problem overall, and all web browsers are affected like this to some degree.

Another potential issue with Chrome is that built-in malware protection is lacking. It can block upward of 10 percent of malware. That number goes up if you’re surfing through Google. Regardless, this number is on the low side and means that you’ll want to run some antivirus software and/or extensions that can help black malicious ads and other malicious content.


  • Superb performance and compatibility
  • Main alternative to IE and Firefox
  • Highly customizable


  • Some webpages look off
  • Integrated malware protection lacking

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